Before going to the pest control management measures and preventive means, it would be better first to understand what pest refers to and how it is posing harm to the people’s interest. People refer pests to those living creatures, mainly insects that damage people’s welfare and surroundings.

As such, farmers indicate pests to those insects that infest their field and ruin their crops, the bed bugs that invade the house to make a nest under your bed and bite them while sleeping is termed as a pest by homeowners. One can say pests are all those insects that disrupt your peaceful life and it has become necessary to control and prevent the infestation and breeding of these annoying creatures in your homes, gardens, warehouses, offices and public places.

Pest control practice is reducing the number of pests and their nest by using the best strategy possible. Whether it is mosquitoes and roaches in one’s house that spread violent diseases and bacteria, or bee and wasp in the garden that may sting the children when playing outside, or termites that destroy a beautiful and well-furnished home, there are several approaches that help in these pest control process.

Information Of Pest Control Measures

However, it is quite difficult to remove these pests and stop them from future contamination. One should also keep in mind that there are many non-insect creatures that are seen as a pest, for instance, rats and mice that shred people’s pretty clothes or important files and rodents that plague the warehouses or food storage.

Knowing that these pests and wildlife infestation is a baneful scourge to people, the fallen victim of pest outbreak naturally wants to eliminate them in a most effective method as possible. But as there is a saying that prevention is better than a cure, it is more potent to avoid such invasion of pests and wildlife in advance.

As discussed above, the steps taken to resolve or prevent pests and wildlife invasion are pest control or pest management operations. This operation is of two forms:

Chemical pest control-Using the chemical pest control method, though very efficient in killing all bugs and flea but is unsafe if not done cautiously. Several pesticides and insecticides made from dangerous chemical components and harmful substances are risky to use before taking proper care, like taking off all the bed sheets or covering the house items with plastic sheets, keeping children, pets and plant pots away while spraying these pesticides.

Environment-friendly pest control– There are many non-chemical methods of pest control. One such green pest control method uses various traps like rats and rodents traps, pheromone insect traps, electrical traps, etc. Using other organisms to control the pest is called the biological pest control method. Using cats to prevent the invasion of mice and rodents is an example of natural pest control.

Employing organic products like the smoke of citronella, lavender, catnip and rosemary is another environment-friendly measure of pest control. Maintaining hygiene and sanitary of one’s premises and home and fending off the insect breeding grounds like cleaning stagnant water, garbage bins, etc are some other powerful environment-friendly pest control methods.

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