Bee Control Services in San Angelo, Texas

Bees are economically valuable and an important part of our ecosystem. Most feral bee colonies in the southern United States are of the Africanized variety. Eradication of a bee colony is necessary when it poses a danger to humans and pets. A colony inside a structure will eventually cause damage to the structure. Without the bees working the hive, the honey runs down the walls, and mold soon forms. Eventually an offensive odor develops from the decaying honey combs. The decaying honey combs also become an attractant for other pests, and other bee swarms will try to infest the abandoned honey comb. At certain times of the year, part of a colony will separate to form a swarm and flies off to establish a new colony and home. A swarm will land on just about anything to rest, before moving, the presence of the swarm can cause undue stress to people.

MDK Services provides a variety of services for bees and wasps:

• Elimination • Hive Removal • Clean out • Exclusion-sealing of entrance holes • Repair • Prevention using monitoring traps • Mosquitos

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