Termite insect is a kind of pest that can cause a grave catastrophe to your beautifully decorated home, in particular, if your house is made up of wood or furnished with wood products. For effective termite control, one should have about as much information on these pests. Termite is a colonial creature, so if you find any signs of termite’s causalities, such as weakening in your house structure or creaking of the door or floor tiles, it will serve as proof that the house is suffering from termite infestation and they had already made a nest in the house.

Termite pest is also known for its another name among the housekeepers called “silent destroyers.” They can easily chew through the woods, walls and even floorings without exposing themselves until it is too late and they have already spoiled the estate to some extent. They have the characteristic of eating non-stop throughout their life, leading to a large amount of property damage in a fairly short period of time. One should take professional and experienced people evaluation on termite control steps and treatments.

Termites’ Species That Threat For A Well-Furnished House (1)

The best choice would be taking guidance from insured termite control or pest control companies. A knowledgeable and certified termite control company has full expertise on the life-style and characteristics of different types of termite species and about the best method of termite control and prevention. There are myriad varieties of known termites’ species in the world, in which the termites’ species that mostly invades the houses are:

  • Subterranean termites Subterranean termites are more outspread termites than any other termite species. This species can be found in most of the countries on the globe, making them one of the huge pest threats to homeowners. They build “mud tubes” all over the walls, in-between the floor tiles and behind the doors and windows joints. This termite is the root source for most of the termite damage to houses and other structures in the world each year.
  • Dry wood termites Dry wood termites contaminate dry woods. They inhabit mostly the wooden items of the house. They shed their wings every time they land, making it a great evidence for their infestation. This species eats cellulose, which is found in wood and will chew tunnels inside the wooden objects, weakening them from the inside.
  • Formosans termites Formosans termites rear their nests in huge underground colonies and build intricate mud nests inside a structure’s walls. They are the most destructive of all termites because of their violent nature. Getting rid of this termite species is the most difficult of all.
  • Damp wood termites Damp wood termites infest on wood with high moisture capacity. They rarely swarm at homes, but regular inspections are required near the house’s water pipes or if the house has high humidity. Damage to property from these termites can be pervasive, such as molds, leaks in water channels and walls’ decay. In such a situation calling a termite controcompany is the safest decision.
  • Cone head termites Cone head termites do not require underground tunneling to move and search for their food source, unlike Subterranean and Formosans termites species. They crawl on grounds like ants, making them quick and easily widespread in the house.

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