Pest Tubes, The Ultimate in Pest Control in San Angelo, TX

Pest tubes pest control system is the most effective method available, providing protection where it’s needed most.

A centralized product application system utilizing connector less tubing.

The Pest tubes centralized wall system is installed in interior and exterior wall studs. Much the same as electrical wiring and are usually installed just after the electrical inspection and just prior to insulation placement. This polyethylene tubing contains evenly spaced perforations which facilitate product distribution. The tubing is manufactured without connectors, eliminating the chance of separation. The tubes will not clog or break apart. The perforated portion of the tubing is sewn horizontally through the wall studs, while the remaining portion is routed to a service port on the exterior of the building. Professional technicians inject pre-measured EPA approved materials into the pest tubes pest control system for even and effective distribution throughout the structure. The material is discharged through the perforations in the form of a fine mist into the walls and formerly inaccessible spaces where pest hide, live, and breed. This system is safe and effective, allowing occupants of the structure to stay in the building while applications are taking place without risk. By avoiding the damaging effect of ultraviolent light, the material lasts longer, resulting in fewer service visits. This allows for a more cost effective means of protecting your structure from disease carrying pests.

A Permanent Built-in System

The pest tubes system is a permanent built-in system that delivers the material directly in the walls and hollow areas, eliminating the pest’s right where they nest, hide, and breed.

Pest tubes are of maximum convenience with a centrally located exterior injection port. You don’t even have to be home for applications. Since tubing distributes the material within the walls, there is no need for moving furniture, emptying cabinets and closets, or changing plans.

Containment within the walls puts an end to staining of carpets, walls, molding, furniture, and draperies, and eliminates the problems of odors common with other approaches to pest elimination.

Tubes run 4 to 6 inches above baseplate, under electrical wiring. Tubes are routed around tubs, showers, and water walls where bugs congregate. Pest tubes system has an outside service box.

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