Rodent Control Services in San Angelo, TX

MDK Rodent Control Services! Rodents feed on debris, so it comes in contact with many diseases. Rodents are known carriers of over 30 different diseases. Rodents contaminate whatever they touch with their incessant urination, defecation, and hair. Fleas, mites, and ticks are part of the rodent’s habitat. These insects use the rodent as a host and transmit disease through this blood exchange. Rodents cause considerable property damage. They gnaw on wires, wood, plumbing pipes. Rodents can cause serious bodily harm when it bites and can pass strep bacteria to its victim.

Rodent Signs Include:

• Rodent Droppings
• Chew Marks
• Scratching Noises
• Nesting Materials Found
• Damage to Electrical or Plumbing
• Swing Marks

Complete Rodent Control Solutions:

• Inspection
• Exclusion-sealing of entry points, rodent proofing the structure
• Trapping-snap traps and glue boards
• Baiting – interior exterior
• Sanitation – nest removal, dead rodents found, removing debris, and harborage areas
• Remediation – removing contamination left behind by rodent feces and urine
• Removal of soiled insulation and replacement of insulation
• Monitoring
• Prevention

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